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Threshold Plates

A range of threshold plates by Raven  

Approved Document 'M' states, "reasonable provision is to be made for people to gain access to and use the building and its facilities" and is the most contemporary design guidance published. These regulations affect all new buildings and extensions to existing buildings.

Under Approved Document 'M' routes from the exterior across the threshold should provide weather protection and not present a barrier for wheelchair users or a trip hazard for other users.

A level threshold is preferred, especially for doors in frequent use. External and internal door thresholds should be no higher than 15mm and incorporate chamfered or pencil rounded corners. Vertical surfaces should be no greater than 5mm.

Doorsets designated as fire and smoke resisting are subjected to the additional burden of smoke seal resistance, and crucially 'resistance' to a mechanical door closing device.

Raven door sealing solutions not only make access easier but also offer minimum resistance for effective door operation. Where thresholds or door bottom seals are particularly suitable for use in an inclusive environment, products are denoted with a wheelchair symbol.

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