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Intumescent Pipe Wrap

Flexible strips of intumescent material contained within a polythene sleeve, which on exposure to heat from a fire will expand many times its own volume to crush and fill the void left by collapsing upvc pipes or trunking.
Tested to BS 476 Part 20 up to 2 hours fire resistance
Economical, easy to install, maintenance free
Unaffected by weather, water or frost
The wraps are a one-piece application suitable for use in solid floors or walls. Manufactured to fit exactly around upvc pipes or trunking that pass through masonry floors or walls. They are ideal in tight corners where conventional pipe collars are too bulky to fit or when an economical means of stopping the passage of fire, smoke and hot gases is required.
Standard sizes to suit 55mm, 82mm, 110mm & 160mm diameter pipes

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