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Intumescent Mastic - CE Marked

Intumescent Mastic With Acoustic Rating

A one part intumescent acrylic mastic for sealing gaps around fire doors, linear joints, penetration seals, voids and irregular holes in fire rated structures. The sealant forms a char, preventing the passage of fire and smoke, when exposed to the heat of a fire.

Tested around metallic pipes, cable trays, cable bunches, small, medium and large cables. Tested in Block Wall, Concrete, Masonry and Plasterboard Partition. Suitable for flexible walls, rigid walls & floors. Tested in Linear Joints up to 60mm wide. Tested in large service openings up to 490 x 150mm. Tested for sealing of linear joints in concrete floors, masonry walls and plasterboard including head of wall details up to 60mm.

Sealant remains flexible after installation. The mastic has been independently tested in accordance with BS476 and EN requirements. It has good unprimed adhesion to a wide variety of common building substrates. although we do recommend that a small area is tested on unusual substrates.