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Interdens® Ironmongery Protection

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Interdens® Ironmongery Protection For Fire Doors

Under the influence of fire and radiant heat Interdens® fire protection products expand to a multiple of their original volume forming a highly heat-insulating foam layer. Joints, cavities and other openings are closed, preventing or delaying the spread of flames and fumes effectively. Areas lying underneath the heat-insulating foam layer will effectively be protected from the impact of fire and heat.

Interdens® has been tested extensively to protect rebated ironmongery in fire doors for over 30 years, this includes testing to both BS476 & EN1634 to 30 & 60 minute fire rating. Typically 1mm material is used for 30 minute applications and 2mm material for 60 minutes however always refer to the manufacturers test evidence or Certifire certification for reference. Interdens® comes in a white colour and is available in 1mm or 2mm thickness. Check out the range of Intumescent Ironmongery products below