Intumescent Mastic
FR Foam

Fire & Acoustic Sealant (Intumescent Mastic)

A one-part intumescent acrylic sealant suitable for internal applications. Provides a firm, but flexible seal to joints in a variety of fire rated structures, as well as providing a good acoustic seal. It cures to form a tough tack free seal with excellent adhesion to a wide variety of building surfaces.
It has been specially formulated to give good sound reduction properties when sealing and bonding plasterboard and other insulation boards, to seal potential air paths a continuous bead of the sealant should be applied to the perimeter of the partition and at all service penetrations.

Suitable for internal movement joints & perimeter pointing in acoustic partitions and structures, sealing between fire doors and fire rated walls, sealing cable and pipe penetrations and for filling joints, voids and irregular holes in fire walls, partitions and other structures.
CE Marked.
Certifire Approved.
UL-EU, UL-C Listed.
Tested in accordance with EN 1366-3 : 2009 and EN 1366-4 : 2006.
Fire Classification to EN 13501-2.
Acoustic Isolation to EN 10140 to 63dB.
Air Permeability testing to EN 1026 to 600Pa - 100Pa 0.0/0.0 m3/h/m2.
Mechanical Adhesion and Tensile testing to EN ISO 8039 & EN ISO 9046.
VOL-LEED 4.1 (NC-2009 IEQc4.1).
Tested with Metallic Pipes, Cables, Cable Bunches, Cable Trays and Cable Ladders.
Causes no known adverse effects to plastic pipes, plastic cables, sheathing or metallic components.
Joint movement capabilities.
Halogen free, resists fungi and vermin.

Supplied in 310ml cartridges in White, Brown or Grey
Available in singles or in packs 12

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