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FingerKeeper Industrial TPV

Heavy Duty Door Hinge Guard

For use with timber, steel hinged or pivoting doors. Permits opening angles up to 120 degrees depending on door configuration. Minimum 35mm door thickness. Standard lengths 2100mm and 2500mm. Anodised Aluminium carrier. Self drilling screws included. TPV is a compound composed of Polypropylene and EPDM rubber used in vehicle, white goods and weatherproofing applications. TPV has excellent resistance to common industrial chemicals. TPV has greater tear strength and resistance than EPDM. TPV can be readily recycled. Anti finger-trapping guard suited to interior or exterior use. Excellent resistant to weathering and many common industrial chemicals. Low compression set and flex fatigue resistance. High UV resistance. Very long anticipated lifespan. Longer and Wider Guard Options.

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