Expanding Foam Gap Tape

Flexible PUR foam impregnated with a fire resistant polymeric dispersion (DIN4102, Part1, Class B1), suitable for internal and external draught & weather sealing applications.
Supplied in pre-compressed rolls with a self-adhesive backing on one face, the product is inserted into the gap where it expands to form a seal.
Provides good thermal insulation and noise control, seals against uneven surfaces, ideal for timber constructions.
Typical applications include:
Perimeter seal for doors and windows
Expansion/Movement joint seals
Abutment seals for conservatories
Perimeter seals for curtain walls
Ductwork perimeter seal
The degree of compression in situ determines the effectiveness of the seal, when used at 80% compression will provide a weatherseal to 600Pa.
Lower compression ratios may be suitable for less demanding applications

Ref Length Width Weather Seal Draught/Dust Seal Gap Seal*
3 - 4 10m 10mm 3 - 4mm gap 3 - 8 mm gap 3 - 15mm gap
5 - 8 6.6m 15mm 5 - 8mm gap 5 - 13mm gap 5 - 24mm gap
7 - 12 4.3m 20mm 7 - 12mm gap 7 - 20mm gap 7 - 38mm gap
12 - 20 2.6m 25mm 12 - 20mm gap 12 - 30mm gap 12 - 54mm gap
* Maximum expansion subject to ± 10% tolerance

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