Bubble Seals
6mm & 7.5mm dia.

A soft pvc bubble seal available in 6mm or 7.5mm diameter designed to fit around the inside edge of timber doors and window frames, can be used to provide a continuous compression seal.
 NB: Due to the nature/design of the product and it being wound onto spools the seal may appear flat – therefore it may be necessary to immerse the seal into very hot (boiling) water to re-activate the seals memory to its original shape. Extreme care should be taken if seal is put into very hot/boiling water to avoid risk of burn/scalding
Supplied in 100m coils in
6.0mm dia. Brown or White -
suits gaps 3 - 5mm
7.5mm dia. Brown, White or Black - suits gaps 4 - 6.5mm
Fits into groove 6mm deep x 2.5 to 3mm wide

Subject to stock availability 25m coils may be available in some colours/sizes - please contact us for details

Please note that we have some LIGHT OAK BUBBLE SEAL which is being phased out from our stock profile - see our Clearance Items

Colour & Size