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Brushfin Pile

Our brush fin pile is supplied with a central fin to provide improved draught and weather sealing and can be fitted into our timber parting or staff beading and our self-adhesive, centre leg & off-set leg brushpile carriers to enable users to seal various size gaps.
Colour: White
Size: 4.8mm base (ref a) x pile height (ref b)

Available in
5.5mm high x 100m coils (suits gaps 1.5 – 3.5mm)
8.5mm high x 100m coils (suits gaps 3 – 5.5mm)
11.5mm high x 50m coils (suits gaps 6 – 8.5mm)
Tip: when fitting brushpile into parting beads/staff beads/pile carriers apply a small amount of contact adhesive to hold in position.
Brush Height/CoilSize

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