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AQUAMAC by Schlegel

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Buy Aquamac seals online at Stormflame. Specifically designed for timber doors and windows, Aquamac weather seals maintain consistently high standards of energy efficiency over their long expected lifespan.

Note: Aquamac seal product codes now use a 'QL0000' format  -  the table below shows new and old codes..

AQUAMAC Feature List:

Schlegel Aquamac AQ and QL product code conversions.

  • IMPERVIOUS TO PAINT AND STAIN - reducing decoration maintenance costs.
  • Available in 3 Colours - White, Brown or Black.
  • Compensates for window movement.
  • Conforms to BS644 / BBA approved.
  • Doesn't shrink or stretch, even in extreme climatic conditions.
  • Excellent memory - retains its original shape for a consistently high standard of weatherseal.
  • Exceptional performance maintained over a wide temperature range.
  • High wear resistance reduces wear and tear.
  • Immune to the effects of UV light and ozone.
  • Lower insertion forces speed up fitting by 15%.
  • More environmentaly friendly - CFC free
  • Outstanding energy efficiency.
  • Stays looking good for years.

Aquamac is manufactured using a water repellent foam that is unaffected by rot, mould or mildew and will not freeze to mating surfaces. The Schlegel brand is now owned by ERA: there is more Schlegel product information on their website.​​​​​​​