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Anti Graffiti Paint - Nu-Guard AG

Nu-Guard Ag - Anti-Graffiti Paint

Protect your surfaces including brick, concrete, render, stone, wood and plastic against all types of graffiti and poster glues. Engineered in the UK to provide the most vandal resistant finish ever. Nu-Guard AG is an anti-graffiti coating that protects all surfaces/applications. Once you use the Nu-Guard AG, nothing can stick to the surface. Nu-Guard AG is completely resistant to ALL paints, permanent markers and the majority of acids. Just simple wash with water and the graffiti disappears or posters fall off. Providing permanent protection against graffiti, poster, marker attacks - without ghosting residue. Nu-Guard AG is the most economical and easy to use anti graffiti product. To achieve optimum performance apply one thick coat of Nu-Guard AG (at 8 m2 / Litre).